What is a Soap Box – Its Different Types, Historical Context, Uses

A soap box by definition is exactly something which a person would imagine when they think of a soap box. A small box which contains a soap right? It is no longer a necessity that everyone will think of a soap box as a small and simple container because if you are to ask the modern-day customer about what is a soap box. They will tell you a more in-detail and personalized packaging experience because that’s what they are getting from their customers. 

A soap box is one of the most fundamental stones of the custom soap packaging industry and something which people often regard as a classic packaging experience. It is a tale as old as time and a story which is now better termed as folklore. 

Today we will be discovering and talking about the different types, uses, purposes and designs which are taking over the soap industry and how these designs have evolved the packaging from a simple soap box into a full-fledged packaging experience. 

Historical Context Building about Soap Boxes

The usage of soap is something that even historians can’t properly trace back. But mankind has been using soap or soap-like products for hygiene and personal care maintenance for a long time. Although the current shape and form of soap are more on the modern and contemporary edge, it is its usage which is as old as time. Since the advent of mankind and their conscious need to satiate the prospects of personal hygiene, they have been using soap-like products in one form or another. 

Back in the 19th century, soap used to be held in rectangular or square boxes. That is why whenever people are asked about soap boxes the first thing that end up thinking about is a square box of soap which is simple yet durable. Evolution has hit the soap packaging industry like a truck and it’s modern, operational, sophisticated and premium in all sections. 

What are the Different Types of Soap Boxes?

Now that you have a basic understanding of what is a soap box, it is high time that you start unboxing the types of soap boxers which makes them distinguishable based on style and pattern. Learning about the different types of soap boxes makes the brand understand the style which suits their products and customer base the most. 

Transparent Soap Boxes

If there is one box style that is making waves across the customers it is this one. This transparent soap box is equal parts sleek and modern and enhances the visual of your soap box. It helps your customers glance into the product and is just too stunning for words. 

The materials used in the production of transparent soap boxes are either PVC or any other high-quality plastic. Not only does it provide a sneak peek into the product but also gives the customers a chance to understand and comprehend the colour and texture of the soap which is present inside the box. 

These sorts of soap boxes are often chosen by manufacturers for a variety of uses. They can be the best possible means to showcase customized or artistically designed soaps which demand attention. Not only does it enable the features of the soaps but their sales are mostly dependent on their visuals. Clear or transparent soap boxes increase the visual appeal of the soaps and make the whole experience all the more exciting. 

One of the main things which can be achieved by using clear soap boxes is the premise of trust. Customers can trust that they are buying high-value products for their money and it is something that can enhance the overall brand graph in a market that is flooding with similar retailers. 

Hence clear soap packaging has its perks and benefits which might suit some brand values better than the rest. 

Corrugated Cardboard Soap Boxes

With the advances in technology, there is something else that the world has experienced and it is the widespread of knowledge. Knowledge and information make the customers more conscious and aware of their dealings and doings. The type of packaging material which they are choosing, the waste which is being produced in the process and the overall impact of such activities on the environment. 

This compels the customers to make more defined and informed decisions which directly affects the brands. Because then they will have to succumb to the customers’ requirements and market trends. This is because all of this is connected. You cannot choose one at the cost of others, you cannot let go of one while not choosing the others. It’s like a packaged deal. 

One such key material is corrugated. It’s a recyclable and biodegradable material which is known for its stunning layers of paperboard. These layers are responsible for the strong texture and persistence in the overall quality. This quality makes this material resistant to damage as well. 

Therefore using this type of material simply means that during the shipping or transfer of soap, your soap will be safe and secured. It is an extremely important aspect and something which ensures the manufacturers that the products will arrive at the destination in one piece without any external damage. 

This option is high on the eco-friendly options scale and is the perfect canvas for styling and branding. The aesthetics and the printing of everything about this material are spectacular. Therefore if you are looking for something which checks all the boxes of sustainability, safety and branding, this one is for you. 

Kraft Paper Soap Boxes

Another material which is simply amazing and can prove to be the best packaging material from every possible standpoint is kraft. Kraft is an eco-friendly material which can turn out to be something which you have been looking for for a long period. The main component of these sorts of kraft papers is unbleached natural fibres. This makes them a recyclable and eco-friendly material. Hence allowing your brand to fulfil the promise of sustainability and better packaging. 

Now in terms of aesthetical appeal, if rustic appearance is what your brand is looking for in terms of sustainable and custom packaging for soaps, then this one is that. Thus, if your brand is specializing in producing handmade soaps and artistically produced soaps, try using kraft paper for packaging. 

In terms of customization and personalization, they are the perfect medium to ensure the customers all the necessary and sought-after details about your brands. From taglines to logos, you can try different styles and colour contrast against the rustic background of kraft paper soap boxes. 

Cardboard Soap Boxes

Yes, this one is an obvious material for packaging but there is no denying that it works every time and in every industry. Cardboard and packaging is a love story for ages. The material offers both sustainability and falls under the dedicated budget for packaging. Moreover, it is easy to find it anywhere. 

The waste production and percentages of environmental damages are near zero in the context of this one. And thus it is often the first and most obvious choice for manufacturers when it comes to sustainable and cost-effective custom soap packaging. 

Cardboard can be transformed into a plethora of different sizes and shapes and is therefore the best suitable material for soap packaging. Without going over the board, the brands can also provide the customers with the best and most efficient packaging services. It is affordable and versatile and just too good to be true. 

Custom Printed Soap Boxes

Custom printed soap boxes are all the hype of the market and they deserve that. From boosting a rich profile for branding to ensuring the customers that they have access to all sorts of information, custom printed soap boxes are putting the custom in customization. Brands procure such sorts of customization premises to ensure the customers the best product quality and better styling. 

These soap boxes are those types of packaging which allow the customers the benefits of better styling, enhanced vibrancy and just the perfect hint of glamour and style. There are several design options which brands can choose from and if there is none which they want, they can get it customized from the packaging industry. 

These sorts of customization prospects allow brands to score extra points in terms of branding, marketing and brand recognition on various platforms. Not only you can dive deep into a more recognized customer base but can also tap into new venues – generating both hype and revenue in the process. 

Window Soap Boxes

A more toned-down version of transparent soap boxes is the window soap box. Rather than giving customers a clear picture of what’s inside the box, window soap boxes allow customers a rather compact detail of the product, establishing more curiosity and giving a little sneak peek. 

There is a small window either on the front of the box or on the anterior portion of the box. Now the design of the window can either be a classic old-school square window or a die-cut contemporary geometric form. 

It serves a similar purpose as the clear soap boxes. It gives the customers a hint of what they are buying. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of returns in the process and ensures customers that they are getting good value products for their money. 

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most in-demand soap boxes in the market. It is their usage and benefits which is projecting the custom soap packaging industry to new and reformed heights making it a billion-dollar industry.