Christmas – the father of all holidays is just around the corner. You are out there wondering what to do for this year’s gifts. Well, no worries, we are here with some of the most affordable and stunning ideas which can save the day in any case scenario. These gift box ideas are equal parts sustainable and cost-effective. 

Whether you are a customer who just wants to gift someone a beautiful handmade soap in a stunning custom printed soap box or you are a fully-fledged brand who needs good ideas for making the soaps more visible on the rakes this Christmas season. 

But since when did packaging become such a big phenomenon that everybody is now paying attention to this aspect of the product journey? Since forever. If there is one thing apart from delivering high-quality products that can make your brand a true market player it is the efforts and length to which they are willing to go to provide the customers with both sustainable and long-lasting packaging.  

Good packaging brings many long-term virtues to your brand. From securing a stable position for your brand in the market to ensuring a stable revenue generation, its prospects are unmatchable and simply too worthy to be missed out on. 

In addition to all this and away from the corporate world of the industries and brands, customers can also engage in good packaging practices. First things first, packaging enhances the visual appeal of the product and second it just makes the whole experience of unwrapping the gifts, worthwhile and commendable. 

Soap is one of the most used and yet underrated everyday items. But its status is so much more than just your bathroom essential. Nowadays it represents a hygiene item that promises good health as well as something which enhances the overall experience of skincare. Therefore it often serves as the perfect gift item for Christmas or any other occasion. It’s personalized and thoughtful all in one. 

Wondering about some of the creative ways to pack your soap gifts for your loved ones? We have got you covered with some of the most creative Christmas custom printed soap boxes for you to try out. 

What are Custom Printed Christmas Soap Boxes?

Custom printed packaging is a type of packaging which ensures the best of personalization and customizations so that a tailor-made experience can be designed for the receiver. It ensures the receiver that the gift is thoughtful and is packed by keeping their preferred items in mind. 

Best Custom Printed Christmas Soap Packaging Ideas

Personalize the Packaging

One of the best ways to pack your soaps for your loved ones is to personalize the packaging. From the choice of the material to the embellishment, make sure that everything about the soap packaging is just what they would want in a soap packaging. 

Be thoughtful, be emotional but the most important of all be creative. Try to hit the right chord by choosing the right materials, picking out the best patterns and trying out the right colour combination. Whatever you do should scream tailor-made at the end of the day. If you are successful in pulling that off, then you are golden! 

Wrap it Up in Kraft Paper

Ok, it might sound too basic on the paper but trust us it is the most thoughtful packaging solution at the end of the day. Kraft is a material that has it all. Rustic appearance, a canvas for aesthetic appeal, sustainable prospects and an outlook which provides an expensive experience. 

When you are using kraft material for packaging soaps, you are adding more character and texture to your whole packaging experience. No one can deny the stunning end product and the visual appeal that this soap ends up providing for your customer. 

And if you think you can’t use kraft for custom printed Christmas soap packaging, then you could not be more wrong. 

Go Eco-friendly Packaging

The prospect of using materials which are not added waste to the environment and are the perfect amalgamation of style and sustainability is known as eco-friendly packaging. There are various materials which promise this experience such as

These sorts of materials are the perfect deviation from the standard use of plastic for packaging soaps. In addition to all the promised perks of sustainability, eco-friendly packaging is also cost-effective. Moreover, you get to enjoy the aesthetic of rustic and texture lade packaging which is a win-win at the end of the day. 

Funky Designs for the Win

Yes, no one can deny the charm of the classic black and white regular square box for soap packaging. It is and will always be a classic but let’s face it, modern times call for modern packaging methods. The major chunk of the current market comprises people who belong to a mixture of minimalism as well as gen – z. The packaging solutions should represent both the generations as well. 

All you have to do is fight for the right colour combination so that it does not end up looking like a pattern or colour vomit on the packaging. You can stay festive and funky without going over the board in terms of soap packaging. The best possible way to custom print Christmas soap packaging is to add funky artwork so that you can stylize it all and connect it all together impressively. 

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons

What is the one thing that comes to your mind the moment you hear the word gift – ribbons rights?

Ribbons are the ultimate and the perfect synonym of gifts. It is not just that they are the symbol figures for representing class apart decorations, they are also the go-to figures for representing festivities and hence are the perfect thing to add to your Christmas-centric custom soap packaging. 

These ribbons and their use date far back several decades. With ribbons, you do not have to worry about the prospects of customizations because the ribbon itself offers you various venues for customizations. From the choice of materials to the colours, everything about ribbons symbolizes vibrant energy and rich colours which should be a part of your custom printed Christmas soap packaging. 

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Gloss for Christmas

Christmas is all about the spirit of sharing and going the extra mile for someone. It is the right occasion to go over the top. Well, who says that you have to keep things boring and plain? Dive yourself into the shimmery and creamy world of dark, vibrant, lively colours which boost and accompany the perfect amount of gloss to make them extra glittery. 

This idea for packaging is just simply too stunning to miss out on. If you can’t integrate some spicy colours in your packaging, you can try to wrap the whole soap box into a shimmery or glossy wrapping material. The more shiny the better. It will be the perfect representative of the festive season and will help you to keep the spirits alive and running. 

You can also use some contemporary printing methods to make the whole Christmas soap packaging glittery and shiny. There are two ways to do that and they are as follows: 

Thematics all the Way

Well, this one is something that always works. Consider a happy memory or experience that you and the gift receiver have shared. Now build the whole packaging of the soap around that one common memory. Trust us, it will invoke all the nostalgia and will be a great trip down memory lane. You can try several different themes such as holidays, vacations, seasons or some memorable events. It will be personal, it will be thoughtful and it will simply be the perfect gift for your loved one. 

For instance, if you have cherished memories of fall, try to wrap your soap with rust colours and something that represents the themes of October. Whether Christmas or not Christmas, this is something that will work on every occasion or every holiday. The best thing about theme packaging is that it is highly flexible. It allows you to play around with different things and that is simply just marvelous. 

The Bottom Line

Last but not least, the way a product say a soap is wrapped, packaged or presented either to a customer or to a loved one says a lot about the commitment, dedication and attention to detail that might have undergone in the processing of the said packaging. Packaging is an underrated yet beneficial aspect which can make all the difference in the world. Choosing the right material to choosing the right embellishments, requires you to brainstorm a lot, but the results will be equal parts dreamy and worthy of the effort. 

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