How To Make Catchy Soap Labels In A Few Easy Steps?

They say a satisfied customer attracts 10 and a dissatisfied customer repels 100  So the crux of this saying is that where good marketing or good product quality attracts you ten customers, bad word of mouth can cost you a hundred. This is the main theme behind designing catchy soap labels which work out both […]

Biodegradable Soap Packaging Ideas 2023 – Ideas You Need to Try 

Sustainability is no longer a myth, it is a reality of the current time. It is not only the reality but it is also the need of the hour. Soap packaging is also an industry which is gaining more and more success with every passing day. The industry is also in need of robust and […]

Custom Soap Packaging Trends 2024

For all of you who think that the custom packaging market is just a thing of the past, let us tell you that this market will be worth 45.7 billion dollars in 2024. Yes, not millions but billions. Custom soap packaging is a billion-dollar market; therefore, understanding the market dynamics is especially pertinent for all […]

What is a Soap Box

What is a Soap Box – Its Different Types, Historical Context, Uses A soap box by definition is exactly something which a person would imagine when they think of a soap box. A small box which contains a soap right? It is no longer a necessity that everyone will think of a soap box as […]